The ultimate way to turn a software-based idea into a business.

We work with very early stage software-based ideas. We move faster by bringing together all the vital components that contribute to an idea’s success; software knowledge , business knowledge, capital, and a valuable network of partners. We are the ultimate all-you-need destination to turn a software-based idea into a business.


We have an established circle of elements and processes that work closely together. They offer everything a software-based idea needs in order to develop into a successful business.



Our partners are carefully selected experts, individuals and companies, that come from both public and private sector.


Everything from business development, legal support, finance, marketing - whatever an idea needs - we have it!


Central locations in Lund or Stockholm.

Our Companies

Our team has been involved in building various businesses. Here is just one example that we are extremely proud of. Many more are coming soon!


1337Works has joined forces with the leading investors and company builders to create 1337Partners to boost the growth of 1337Works companies. The joint experience and network of our investment partners includes industries such as fintech, consumer goods and e-health. We cover several geographical areas; North America, Europe and Asia.

W. Jansson

Stockholm, Lund, New York

Chairman PostNord and Accumbo, former Chairman of Semcon, Apoteket AB, MinDoktor, Svensk Handel, former CEO of Ellos, KappAhl, Europris


Philadelphia, Landskrona

Advisor and Angel investor, former CEO Qlik, Board Member Allone, FRISQ, board member Uniti Holding



Entrepreneur, former CEO Varchar, Former Business Unit Manager Cybercom, CEO 1337Works, Chairman tretton37, Chairman Connect Syd



Entrepreneur and Investor, former owner/CEO Tosselilla, CEO Lundabryggeriet, Board Member Celac, Proequo


Our team has extensive entrepreneurship experience and a proven track record. While we complement each other’s skills sets, we together share the same excitement and ambitions when we encounter a new software-based idea.


Entrepreneur & CEO 1337Works

Deniz has extensive experience within the IT; from creating start-ups, growing them, and running enterprise organizations. He has been successfully performing in different executive management roles for more than 15 years. Recognized as an inspirational leader within the Swedish community, he has received several entrepreneurship awards and extensive media coverage. When you meet Deniz, you quickly get inspired by his passion for entrepreneurship.


CVO 1337Works

Mikael has been involved in setting up the foundations of 1337Works since 2017. He has more than 15 years of experience in leading IT Management positions in the industrial sector; including Perstorp AB and Alfa Laval. A proven strategist and tactician who loves to deliver above expectations.

Marcela V.

Venture Developer 1337Works

Marcela has been involved in setting the foundation for 1337Works since 2017. She has an unique combination of experience; as an entrepreneur she was involved in start-ups, and she has also held positions at large globally established corporations. She is a true change catalyst, driven by positive thinking and the ambition to succeed. In everything she does.


COO 1337Works

Anders is a former CEO of Innovation Skåne and a well-known name within the innovation community. He has a proven track record as an entrepreneur and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other entrepreneurs to help them succeed. He likes to focus on idea qualification and financing of tomorrow's greatness.


Venture Developer 1337Works

Tina founded her first company when she was only 21 years old, and since then has worked in various industries; from showbusiness, consumer goods, non-profit to IT. She also has experience from different geographical markets - Sweden, Slovenia, Canada and the US. As an inventor and IT entrepreneur, she received numerous awards in Sweden and abroad. Her biggest passion is marketing, as this is where she loves to use her unique background to make people or companies famous.


Venture Developer 1337Works

Tobias has been working in the software industry for more than 15 years, finding creativity and passion in both; software and business development. His analytical skills and determination, together with extensive experience in building companies, go hand in hand when turning innovative ideas into successful businesses.


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